Pandit Furniture is a renowned name in everything related to home and office furniture. Apart from the wide variety available, you can also get your chair repaired at our store.

We can repair almost any type of office and commercial seating including office chairs, commercial seating (reception seating, settees etc.) & breakout seating.

We believe that in order to avoid developing back problems, it’s important to have an office chair that supports the lower back and promotes good posture.

Most office chairs needing mechanical repairs (castors, base/gas lift/mechanism/arm replacement) can be repaired on site meaning little/no disruption to your business or employees.

We use our extensive experience and knowledge of office chair & contract seating repairs in carrying out repairs to most types and styles and according to varied designs of offices.

At Pandit Furniture we perform tasks like frame wielding, respraying, polishing and repairing woodwork which would ensure your office seating to be returned to

At The Chair Clinic our chair repair/contract seating services include frame welding/respraying/repair and polishing woodwork which along with our re-upholstery service ensures your office seating can be taken back to ‘as new’ condition.

Our Services include:

  • On site repair services
  • Prompt collection and delivery service if requires (including a weekend service if required)
  • In order to ensure minimal disruption to your operations we also provide a number of loan chairs while we repair your office chair off site

Worried about delay in service? We’ve got a solution for that also.

In order to ensure fast and efficient service we keep a stock of replacement parts required to repair most chairs at offices when we carry out necessary seating repairs.


On the preference of a customer we also perform whole office or site audits through which we will be able to provide our customer a detailed breakdown of the items which require attention and also the cost that which is associated with the rectification if any issues are suspected.

Pandit Furniture also provides a contract service which involves regular site assessments/audits at pre-agreed intervals on the choice of the customer. Any work/repairs required can be carried out automatically and successfully with little disruption to your staff or business while they are working. This ensures all employees will have a chair suitable for their working requirements and minimise time spent using broken/unsuitable chairs as we understand that a broken chair is more of a liability than an asset to the employee as well as the organisation.

Replacement chair parts available include any of the following:

Gas Lifts: To allow the user to modify their height in relation to the height of a desk, leading to an increase in comfort and ergonomic benefit

5-Star Bases & Castors: for the purpose of easy moving of your chair without having to pick up the chair with efforts

And many more like Chair Mechanisms, Foam, Arm Pads & Arms, Tube Inserts, Frame Repairs etc. for which you may have to contact the sales team also.

Office Chair Repair Service at Pune

We provide repair services for your office chairs in Pune. When you need help fixing one chair or a number of office chairs that need repair, we can likely help. We work with small companies and with facilities management departments who have a need to repair their office chairs. Onsite repair of office seating in Pune is usually available. Email or call us for a free evaluation/estimate apart from that you can also visit our website

Be it-

  • Office Chair Gas Cylinder Repair
  • Office Chair Arm Pad Replacement
  • Wobbly Office Chair Repair
  • Missing Chair Parts Replacement
  • Office Chair Maintenance
  • Office Chair Caster Replacement
  • Office Chair Wheels Replacement
  • Seat Cushion for Office Chair Replacement
  • Office Chair Back Repair
  • Gas Lift Piston Shock Office Chair Repair
  • Office Chair Servicing
  • Office Chair Tilt Feature
  • Office Chair Back Repair
  • Office Chair Seat Pan Repair
  • Recliner chair repair & services
  • Missing or Broken Chair Arm Repair
  • Office Chair Bolt Replacement
  • Broken Office Chair Lever
  • Office Chair Shock Replacement
  • Office Chair Seat Keeps Going Down Repair
  • Wooden & Steel, Dining Table Chair Repair and Cushioning Services

We repair all the above issues with your chair.

And what not? Apart from Chair Repair and Services we are also listed in Door Repair and Services, Door closer repair and services, and Steel Furniture repair and services.

Need help fixing it? We’ve got you covered. Visit our help centre for more info.

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