Chair repair & Cleaning Service

Pandit Furniture is a renowned name in everything related to home and office furniture. Apart from the wide variety available, you can also get your chair repaired at our store.
Several households and offices have their share of either old or rickety chairs. Using chairs that are well beyond their prime can be very dangerous. Imagine relaxing on a revolving chair and finding yourself falling off it. Would you rather risk injury or threat to your life or just get your chair repaired on time? Pandit Furniture understands why you would require chair repair services, be it the case of wheelchair, revolving chair and executive chair repair. Repairing a wheel chair is among the most critical tasks that we undertake. You can only imagine how crucial it is that a wheelchair must deserve expert skill in repairing.

There are little intricacies in movement, structure and ergonomics that have to be thought about. The revolving chair, majestic in its form and shape, is meant to be a comfortable seating option for any person, all day around. But a damaged chair will be more of a liability. Prolonged use can cause severe back damage and body aches. The same goes for a wheel chair, executive chair, a normal seating chair, be it wooden or plastic or any other chair for that matter. It is thus a pressing need that all chairs in your house are well taken care of. Chair maintenance and work is a often neglected part of house maintenance. We at Pandit furniture thus desire that you look into the matter of chair maintenance and have a healthy and safe lifestyle. It always has been true of life, that it is how the little things in life make all the difference. So do contact us for chair work.

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